Thematics4U FAQs

Why do you only accept Paypal as a payment method?

Paypal is the biggest payment provider on the Internet, and for this reason we value security above any other method.

They also offer a pay by card service as well, so you can still use this site even if you don't ahve a paypal account.

What if I am not happy with any of the items I receive?

Under UK distance selling regulations you may return items in the pristine condition in which they were supplied within seven working days to receive a full refund.

Where can I find the out the amount of postage for my order?

You will find our postal charges local and overseas here

Why are some of your prices approaching full catalogue or even higher?

Our strongest feature is our huge stock but sometimes it works against us. Once an item is described, priced and uploaded onto the site, we tend to forget about it until such time as we sell out, then it's removed. Sometimes during this period the catalogue value may change; in some cases this change is dramatic. A good example of this is the 1976 Barbuda set of 6 Birds. In 1992, it was catalogued at £20 and our price was £14. Since then Stanley Gibbons have frequently reduced its value and it is currently catalogued at just £6. If you find an item that interests you but you think our price is high, please bring it to our attention.